Insurance Markets

Insurance Markets: Cities, Communities, Products and Services

Auto Insurance, New Car Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Business Insurance, Cyber Insurance, Workman’s Compensation Insurance, Individual and Group Insurance and more as the list of insurance services and insurance carriers can become overwhelming due to the growth and need over the past decade.  It is so hard to keep up with all the changes in the insurance coverages, policies needed and what you need and the time you need it in life.  Lifestyles change as you get married, have children, change jobs or professions, gain more wisdom with age, and the requirements for insurance protection grows.  What type of insurance services do you really need? Life Insurance?  How much? Do you need Renter’s Insurance or Homeowners Insurance?  If you have land or a homeowner/business owner of multiple properties across state lines, you may ask, “What Insurance Market or Area do I need insurance?”.  These are good questions which need to be answered within the lifestyle and growth of your existing age and career.  As time quickly moves forward, other services will need to be considered.  For example …..

With the inception and expansive growth of digital technology and information highway, our need for cyber insurance has emerged as a critical product for businesses to consider for protecting their valued assets. As more family members are working, car insurance has to be considered for all family members as the number of high school parking permits increase from year to year which means more drivers are on the road. We live in fast-paced society which requires insurance protection in different areas of our life to ensure our loved ones are left with something special if something unexpected happens. The list of services can be expansive, but caring and knowledgeable agencies with years of experience have trained professionals available to listen and direct you toward valued protection.  Hometown insurance agencies care about their insurance clients as they live and share in the same struggles, so savings matters.

Insurance Markets We Serve

Dickey McCay Insurance has more than eighty (80) years of insurance expertise within the company along with years of individually selected insurance carriers based on quality performance of willingness  to serve our local area of cities and communities which reaches across three states (Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee) called the Tri-States:  Andrews, North Carolina; Murphy, North Carolina; Blairsville, Georgia; Blue Ridge, Georgia; Madisonville, Tennessee, Sweetwater, Tennessee and includes two office locations in Copperhill, Tennessee and Tellico Plains, Tennessee.  Dickey McCay has recently opened a third location which supports commercial, residential and Spanish speaking clients and is located in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  In addition to serving the Tri-State area as a local community, Dickey McCay Insurance is licensed to provide insurance products and services in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  This provides the company the opportunity to support residential and commercial/business clients across state lines to ensure multi-resident or commercial properties.  Dickey McCay is committed to the insurance markets they serve as their clients are valued no matter the distance, because it is the relationship, the trust and integrity which drives excellence.

All of our physical locations have employees which are dedicated insurance agents and staff who care about listening, learning and recommending the best auto, homeowners, life, health, personal or business insurance plan, offer or services available for the required need and/or lifestyle. It is all about people serving people to ensure they have the best insurance coverage for the situation in which they live, work and play.

Each of our office locations caters to insurance requirements and needs unique to the markets we serve. The Dickey McCay team works with the markets based on the local environment, individual needs, business requirements, lifestyles, insurance carrier strengths and personal preferences of the individual or business requesting insurance.

Typically, it is not one thing which drives the right insurance service or product; it’s many different factors culminating into a perfect relationship with our markets, insurance agents, office personnel and customers which blend to produce excellent customer experience and satisfaction with their choice of insurance carrier and service. Call us today!