Cyber Threats

IS YOUR FAMILY PROTECTED FROM CYBER THREATS? Data threats come in many sizes and shapes and no one is immune.  Just this month, it was announced that Orbitz, a subsidiary of online travel agency Expedia had been hacked and that personal information from about 880,000 payment cards was stolen. We can’t cut ourselves off entirely […]

Life Insurance Tips

LIFE INSURANCE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A CHORE Life insurance is a topic none of us really enjoys talking about because doing so acknowledges the fact that someday all of us will pass on.  They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes but we don’t agree. Life is another certainty – not […]

Computer Security

ARE YOU PRACTICING GOOD COMPUTER HYGIENE? All of us are painfully aware of the online data breaches that occur with alarming frequency. No need to list them here – it would take this entire blog and then some. Most of these breaches that make headlines happen to large retail chains and government agencies – anywhere […]

Home Flooding

IS YOUR HOME FLOOD RESILIENT? With the devastation of recent hurricanes on everyone’s mind, the dangers of flooding has taken on new urgency.  Few of us think want to think about it happening in our backyards.  Instead “out of sight, out of mind” though, a better strategy is “prepare for the worst, hope for the […]

Dickey McCay Insurance Goes Live with New Website

Dickey McCay Insurance – A New Website Striving to Make it Easier for Our Valued Customers to Get What they Want, When they Want it, and at the Right Price Welcome to our new website!  It actually went “live” several weeks ago but with all the excitement and planning over the eclipse, our school supplies […]