family of two children and two adults looking at a map on a family road trip

Make the Best out of your Family Road Trip

Finding fun activities within your local community can be a great way to spend time with your family this summer. However, summer travel and getaways can be a great way to give your family new and unique experiences; road trips can be a fantastic bonding experience, while at the same time educational. Some tend to avoid road trips with their families because of tales of the intolerable stress they cause; road trips, though, don’t have to be stressful! With the right amount of preparation, a road trip can be the perfect way to spend your summer vacation. Here are some tips for how to have the best road trip with your family this summer:

Tips for a Successful Family Road Trip

Mutually Decide on a Destination 

Making your road trip destination a family decision can lead to more fun for everyone. While your input will likely be the final say, hearing from all members of your family can make everyone feel heard, lead to a more enjoyable experience, and even give you some ideas you hadn’t thought of. Taking everyone’s opinions into consideration will give you and your family a more well-rounded experience on your road trip. 

Make a Plan

Making a plan prior to your family road trip is vital to the enjoyment of your vacation. When you’ve finally decided on a destination, make sure you do plenty of research to ensure that you and your family are maximizing your time, and that you’re gaining all of the experiences you can during your trip. Planning what activities you will do, as well as where you’ll be eating, will make your road trip run much more smoothly so that you can focus on just having fun.

two children on their ipads being entertained in the back seat of a car on a family road trip

Make the Car Ride Enjoyable

A fear of many parents taking a family road trip is the long car ride that is required. However, if you take steps to make sure the car ride is enjoyable, it doesn’t have to be something you dread. Providing a form of entertainment while in the car can make the car ride seem shorter, and even make it fun. Try bringing along some games, like Mad Libs, 

or coloring books and crayons. Even an audiobook may keep your kids engaged and having fun, forgetting about the long drive ahead. In addition to forms of entertainment, snacks are a MUST on long road trips; it can take anyone’s mind off of the drive and keep everyone from becoming hangry.

Make Stops Along the Way 

Making stops on your road trip can be very beneficial. Planning stops can give your family the chance to get a change of scenery and to stretch their legs a little bit. It can also give you the opportunity to add some additional unforgettable experiences to your road trip; before your trip, pinpoint some interesting places that aren’t too far out of the way. This can make the entire road trip a vacation, not just your destination.

Be Flexible

As hard as it can be, try to be flexible during your road trip. Allot time within your planned schedule for mishaps, and try not to get too stressed when things don’t work out exactly according to plan; sometimes mistakes happen, but you shouldn’t let it ruin your trip. Take a deep breath, make the best out of any situation you encounter, and, most importantly, have fun!

Invest in Good Auto Insurance 

It’s always smart to be as prepared as possible before a vacation, and ensuring your auto insurance is comprehensive and up to date before a road trip is highly recommended. Having good auto insurance can not only save you money in the future, but can also help protect you, your family, and others in the event of an accident. 

Family with broken down car on the side of the road on a summer family road trip

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